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Hawaiian Out

by Cvltists

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Recorded at the Geneva Room, Honolulu, HI
Engineered and mixed by Joey Green


released March 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Cvltists Honolulu, Hawaii

Progy Fastcore/ Powerviolence Hardcore from the 808.

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Track Name: Redemption (Scorch This Earth)
Emptiness of eyes
Wound of the mind
bastards breed
Contempt of mankind
Bringing me down
No empathy left
ignorance scorch this Earth

No fucking saviors
No life
No rights
Track Name: Hatred Manifested
They won't see
No returning to light
And the bastards burn
Fucking fear in their eyes
The night is dark, it's filling my veins
Hatred manifested
Pull hard on the reins

We're all here to suffer
No brightness left

Consumed thoughts, no fear in my eyes
We're all here to suffer
Track Name: Hawaiian Out
All I have is all I got
I live on a tiny rock
you're the only one to blame
if you never fucking leave
you will never find your self
you will never learn
Track Name: Empire
I still feel the call of the light
But there's no escape from the dark
No shelter from the night
And I hear their voices in my head
All those I left behind
All left for dead

So much anger running heavy in my mind
So much hatred for mankind

And it's time to erase illusions from my head
Fear left behind
All I see is red

The path that split before me
Tears me apart
Walk down alone
To be free of this pain
Nothing will stand in our way.
Track Name: Ill-bred Youth
Signs say we're bored stiff
wounds left wide open
Medicate the masses
With false celebrity wealth

Goddamn Cursed kids
Plaguing the future
Pursuing false ideals
Ignoring the truth

Signs say we're bored stiff
wounds left wide open
Medicate the masses
With false celebrity wealth

So fucking blind
Can't see the light
Cant back out now

Time can't wait, consume us all.
Track Name: Trial
Blank minds bring in the end
Savior coming? All a lie.

Faith drew me so near,
caught off guard,

Your thoughts so fake
Mind completely blank
Preaching false ideals
Your thoughts so fake

Then I thought deep:
(They're) preaching division,
(You) disregard human nature
to appease your hate.

Rot with the rest, no afterlife, you sinned.
Track Name: Cauterize
I am an ignorant man;
I blame others for my misfortune.
I am a dishonest personI am
so fuck fucking dead
Mind blank, mind blank.

Shut all their eyes
And cauterize